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Washau Emotion by tigreanpony
Washau Emotion
This was a little exercise I had to do for class. This character is a character named Washau that I made for a game design document I have saved that I want to use at some point. I had to take a character and do a full body pose that showed off emotion. I think the two on the ends turned out the best. I've never been a good artist but I have enough skill to make something I just wish my hands could keep up with my eye fore art.  Anyways I did this Photoshop CS6.

(P.S. Also if any of you that see this are willing to help me make her look better or change her into a bat pony I would be much obliged.)
Futuristic Armored Vest by tigreanpony
Futuristic Armored Vest
Here is a vest that I had to texture, I thought it turned out decent so I'm posting here. I just added the texture on the vest I did not create the model for an assignment I am doing in college.
Lightning Rain relaxing with her CO by tigreanpony
Lightning Rain relaxing with her CO
Finally after a few days of work  in the Everfree Forest Lightning gets a chance to relax and of course her CO Rainbow Dash takes this time to entertain her subordinates with a story to motivate them that stars....herself being heroic when she was younger. Lightning doesn't mind these days you just can't take the stories at face value but still they are entertaining.

This was second commission by me to LostInTheTrees check out more of her stuff here
Lightning Rain by tigreanpony
Lightning Rain
Lightning Rain was an OC that I just came up with. She is part of the next generation of The Wonderbolts after Rainbow Dash makes Captain and Spitfire Retires from military service. She was actually found by Rainbow Dash back when Rainbow was a Lieutenant. Just as Rainbow took the Captain seat she applied for the Wonderbolts. This was about two years after that she joined and Lightning Rain is part of the monster hunting squad of the Wonderbolts that was created by RD to help with covering the Everfree Forest to protect Ponyville. Because in recent years some of the monsters have been expanding their hunting area because of how crowded the forest is getting, or maybe something else is causing this no pony knows.

This Picture was done by LostInTheTrees take a look at some of her stuff here:
Mineko Character Card by tigreanpony
Mineko Character Card
Well here is a character card for Mineko from my story Fallout Equestria: Mineko's Virtue. Here is the story if you want to check it out:…

Many thanks to Vavacung for making it. Here is some of the other things that he/she has done, take a look.…


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